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UPVC Flush Sash Windows

We supply 'flush sash' windows from leading manufactures REHAU and Deceuninck, which guarantees a superior product and allows us to be able to meet your specific project requirements.


Our flush sash windows look great in any surrounding, whether they are being installed into a modern townhouse or country cottage. Blending seamlessly with the property aesthetic, featuring clean lines and a true flush finish to ensures minimalist impact on your property’s exterior. Our flush sash windows will retain their elegance while still functioning as a high quality window for many years to come providing a cost-effective and worthwhile investment for any home.


 Available in both chamfered and sculptured frames, and now with the option of a deep bottomed rail, they can suit any installation, modern or traditional.  A variety of styled hardware and fittings such as monkey tail handles and stays are available to guarantee consistency with the look of any building.

Features & Benefits

Heat insulation

These Products helps your home to become more efficient and save money on your heating bills


Optimally dimensioned steel reinforcements deliver perfect window statics in terms of stability and long-term performance.

Ease of care

Timber windows require annual maintenance to ensure they are kept looking good. The high quality surfaces of our products are extremely weather resistant and easy to clean.

Intruder protection

These windows are PAS24 security accredited which gives you an added level of security to your home and family


Slim profiles enlarge the transparent glass surface. They are also available in a comprehensive range of foil laminate colours, in wood finishes, in plain colours, and with an aluminium exterior for architectural appeal.

Noise reduction

Every one needs a good nights sleep and Rio offers exceptional noise reduction

Let Us Make Your Dream A Reality

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