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Roof Line Systems

We work alongside 'Free Foam' to offer you a superior replacement roof line system. The roofline is the weakest point of the building and the area that gets the most punishment from the elements; where weather can attack and damage your home. Because access is difficult, it’s also the least observed area and the hardest to maintain. It’s not the ideal spot for a vulnerable material such as wood. Driving rain can force itself through the slightest gap between the roof and the walls exposing your home to the elements. Left unchecked, water from blocked or broken gutters will overflow down your outside walls creating conditions that can lead to unhealthy damp and mould on the inside. If moisture gets into your roof, rafters and joists will soon start to rot. And once the damage has been done, repairs are costly. Old-fashioned roofline is made of timber, but wood moves and absorbs water, leading to rot and decay. Wood is great for furniture, but without maintenance it doesn’t provide great protection against the weather.

Long Term Saving

In choosing a material that boasts durability and robustness, the likelihood of a problem occurring will be minimised, meaning that you will not have to pay out for repairs. 


The overall appearance of uPVC fascias and guttering are far more modern than their alternatives, They offer a clean edge and continuous shape.


The durable nature of uPVC minimises the risk of rainfall penetrating the roof rafter ends, preventing severe damage to your roofing which could result in expensive repairs to fix leaks. It also means that even when pressure is applied to the guttering and fascias, such as when there is an accumulation of snow and ice, the material will not lose its shape and start to crack.

Ease of care

You will not have to worry about deterioration as they are designed in a range of colored plastic, which will not need to be painted at all. 


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