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UPVC Bow & Bay  Windows

Bow and bay windows can genuinely transform your home. That's because they are unlike any other window in our range. Instead of simply adding a window to your walls, bow and bay windows extend a wall of your home outward to fit their panoramic design. You'll get a window that combines multiple panels of glazing with minimal frames in a curve. That way, you'll concentrate light into your living space.


Bay- Extending the footprint of your home, bay windows are an excellent choice to add character. While creating depth, maximizing space and allowing natural light to open up your home, bay windows help to maintain a traditional feel.

Bow- Creating more space and allowing light to flood into your home, the curved bay window style creates a real impact. This bay window alternative gives the feel of extra internal space without the requirement of additional building work.

Working with a range of leading manufacturers allows us to offer you a many styles and designs varying slightly with your choice of material of the Bow or Bay windows. You can still rest assured that all our products are design and manufactured with great attention to detail, providing a superior product.

Features & Benefits

Heat insulation

Which ever material or design you decide to have your BOW or Bay you can be assured  The products will feature the most advanced level of thermal efficiency. These Products help your home to become more efficient and save money on your heating bills


Optimally dimensioned steel reinforcements deliver perfect window statics in terms of stability and long-term performance. With added strength from the necessary BAY POLES between frames. 

Ease of care

Timber windows require annual maintenance to ensure they are kept looking good. The high quality surfaces of our products are extremely weather resistant and easy to clean.

Intruder protection

These windows are PAS24 security accredited which gives you an added level of security to your home and family


Slim profiles enlarge the transparent glass surface. They are also available in a comprehensive range of foil laminate colours, in wood finishes, in plain colours, and with an aluminium exterior for architectural appeal.


High quality, premium and environmentally friendly PVCu profiles that use a greenline lead free compound, to ensure durability and enhance the value of your property.

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